Structured investments

Pengana's structured investments give investors the opportunity to access investment portfolios tailored to their specific risk and return objectives.


Pengana Structured Investments Pty Ltd (ABN 96 167 888 173) ("PSI") is an Australian private company that was established for the sole purpose of issuing investment products. It has entered into an arranger agreement with Pengana Capital Group Ltd (ABN 43 059 300 426, AFSL 226566). Under this agreement, Pengana Capital will design, structure and arrange the issue of innovative investment products for discerning investors. These products are developed in consultation with clients, advisers and private bankers in order to ensure that they are relevant, unique and complement Pengana's range of funds.

About structured investments

Structured investments provide investors with opportunities to address specific objectives, to adjust asset allocation or simply enhance portfolio structure.

Structured investments typically combine debt securities with derivative instruments creating exposure to underlying asset classes such as equities, commodities, currencies or interest rates. These investments may be tailored to allow you to:

  • Express a market view (bullish, bearish or market neutral);
  • Complement an investment objective (conservative, moderate or aggressive);
  • Hedge an existing position; and
  • Efficiently gain exposure to asset classes and specific investment themes that may not be readily available with a direct investment in the underlying asset.

Characteristics of structured investments

Structured investments are typically originated by investment banks and come in a variety of forms. In general the key characteristics of a structured investment are:

Fixed term: Structured investments generally have a specified maturity date or term, which can be as short as three to six months or as long as 15 to 20 years. Investors should consider the maturity of the offering based on their own view of the markets and their anticipated future income and liquidity needs.

Formula based returns: Structured investment returns are based on specific formulas that are designed to a particular market outlook or market view. Investors know from the outset how the performance of the underlying asset will determine their potential return or potential loss, provided that the investment is held until maturity. If redeemed prior to maturity, the value of the securities could be significantly less than the initial investment.

Potential to generate outperformance: Structured investments can be designed to potentially generate returns in excess of a specific benchmark within a range of performance.

Credit risk: All payments on structured investment products, including the payment of principal at maturity (where provided for by the terms), are subject to the issuer's credit risk.

What is different about Pengana's offering?

Pengana will evaluate all opportunities in order to determine if they are worth pursuing, and if a structured product is the most effective means of delivering the exposure. Pengana is a funds management business and not a dedicated issuer of structured products, so we do not feel compelled to continually issue structured products, if this is not the most appropriate structure to deliver an investment opportunity to investors.

We are a non-aligned provider drawing on the pricing and structuring capabilities of a wide range of local and international market participants. We do not run proprietary trading books and accordingly have no incentive to develop structures which ’suit the book’.

Pengana only deals with banks with investment grade credit ratings and has developed a credit enhancement structure that has the effect of passing through the credit ratings of the pricing counterparties to the investors.

Risks to consider

A structured investment involves a variety of risks and there is no guarantee that an investment will make a positive return. These risks may include, but are not limited to: fluctuations in the price, level or yield of underlying instruments; limits on participation in any appreciation of the underlying instrument; liquidity constraint; and conflicts of interest.

Before you invest, make sure to thoroughly review the offer documentation for a comprehensive description of the risks and considerations associated with the investment.

Current offers

At Pengana, we are constantly on the lookout for investment opportunities that complement not only our existing fund offering but importantly the Pengana investment philosophy and demand from investors. We engage our clients in order to understand their investment challenges and then, where appropriate seek to design efficient structures that make sense in the current environment.

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Low Volatility – US Equity Series 1&2 (Issue Date September 2014).

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