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1,200 MWh
of renewable energy
equivalent to the total energy use
of 60 AU households
1,600 tonnes
of CO2e emissions
equivalent to taking 333 cars off the road for a year
The avoidance of
1.8m litres
of water use
equivalent to the water used by 28,500 showers
1.6m litres
of waste water
equivalent to the total annual production of 90 AU households
Cleaned &
of water for reuse
equivalent to the annual drinking water needs of 170 people
of costs saved
in healthcare
Recycled or recovered
140 tonnes
of waste material
equivalent to
the total waste
produced by 60
AU households
The provision of
109 days
of tertiary
55 people
receiving healthcare treatment


Calculations are based on data from the 2017 WHEB Asset Management Impact Report, and are updated on an annual basis. View the report below or learn more about the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund.

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