High Conviction Property Securities Fund

The Pengana High Conviction Property Securities Fund is Australia's only high conviction AREIT fund with an ESG focus.

Investment Strategy

A Property Fund focussed on capital security, income yield, and sustainable growth.

The Fund believes each security has an underlying or intrinsic value and that securities become mispriced at times relative to their value and each other.

The Fund seeks to exploit such market inefficiencies by employing an active, value based investment style to capture the underlying cashflows generated from real estate assets and/or real estate businesses.

The Fund believes that responsible investing is important to generate long term sustainable returns. Incorporating ESG factors along-side financial measures provides a complete view of the risk/return characteristics of our property investments.


Investment Philosophy

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Investment Process


Benefits of investing

Solid Yield. AREITs have reliable income derived from assets with long term leases.

Capital Preservation. Transparent NTA valuations which are easily verified.

Real Growth. Rental growth indexed to CPI. Concentrated portfolio enables investment in best positioned assets and sectors at any point in time.

High Liquidity. Daily pricing. Only invest in AREITs with market capitalisation > $50m.

Sound ESG Metrics. ESG focus is fast becoming a core requirement for many high quality investor groups (e.g. not for profit groups and family offices).

AREITs rank highly on National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) initiatives. The Fund only invests in proven management teams that have demonstrated good corporate governance.

  • Performance History
    Performance at April 2020
    1 MTH 1 YEAR 3 YEARS 5 YEARS Since Inception
    Pengana High Conviction Property Securities Fund 8.76% - - - -8.42%
    S&P/ASX 300 A-REIT (AUD) TR Index 13.69% - - - -26.28%
    Outperformance vs. -4.92% - - - 17.86%

    Performance figures from July 2017 to May 2019 is the unaudited track record of a high conviction mandate managed solely by Amy Pham, net of fees.  Performance from June 2019 to the inception of the Fund in March 2020 is simulated By Pengana based on the implementation of the same strategy. Performance from March 2020 is of the Pengana High Conviction Property Securities Fund.  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.”

  • Fund Facts
    Minimum investment


    Recommended timeframe

    3 or more years

    Inception date

    1 March 2020

    Management fee (incl GST)

    0.70% per annum

    Performance fee

    Performance fee of 15% (including GST net of RITC) of any return of the Class greater than the return of the Index after deduction of the management fee and adjusted for applications, redemptions and distributions to investors.

  • Unit Prices
    Unit Prices History Table
    Date Application Redemption Distributions
    25 May 2020 0.9441 0.9394 -
    22 May 2020 0.9263 0.9217 -
    21 May 2020 0.9271 0.9224 -
    20 May 2020 0.9266 0.9220 -
    19 May 2020 0.9230 0.9184 -
    18 May 2020 0.9020 0.8975 -
    15 May 2020 0.8966 0.8921 -
    14 May 2020 0.8908 0.8863 -
    13 May 2020 0.8970 0.8925 -
    12 May 2020 0.9149 0.9104 -
    11 May 2020 0.9252 0.9206 -
    08 May 2020 0.9101 0.9056 -
    07 May 2020 0.9022 0.8977 -
    06 May 2020 0.9003 0.8958 -

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    Where a distribution is shown, the price for that date is prior to the payment of the distribution.  The following day's price will exclude that distribution payment amount.

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    Where a distribution is shown, the price for that date is prior to the payment of the distribution.  The following day's price will exclude that distribution payment amount.

  • Investment Team
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    Amy Pham

    Portfolio Manager

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    Investment Specialist

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