PanAgora Absolute Return Global Equities Fund

The objective of the Pengana PanAgora Absolute Return Global Equities Fund is to generate attractive absolute returns using a diversified suite of non-correlated investment strategies across global equity markets.

Investment strategy

The Pengana PanAgora Absolute Return Global Equities Fund’s objective is to seek attractive absolute returns by identifying and exploiting multiple inefficiencies that may exist in global equity markets. 

The Fund employs a long/short equity strategy which aims to construct a portfolio that is generally neutral to market movements. As such the performance of the investment strategy is largely independent of the market’s performance. The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by using a diversified set of strategies that have low correlation to one another and which are designed to capitalise on long-term, intermediate-term and short-term inefficiencies.

The Fund is managed by PanAgora Asset Management which is based in Boston Massachusetts. Established in 1989, PanAgora manages investments on behalf of some of the world's largest investors.

PanAgora believes that stock prices are largely driven by the fundamental strengths or weaknesses of a company’s business prospects and that certain fundamentally based measures are indicative of a company’s likely success or failure. Their unique approach to research combines fundamental analysis with robust quantitative techniques in order to identify multiple inefficiencies that exist in global equity markets and then exploit them across a broad investment universe of thousands of companies.

Benefits of investing:

Experienced team. PanAgora Asset Management manages investment mandates on behalf of some of the world’s largest corporate and institutional clients, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations.

Diversification. The portfolio comprises a broad range of uncorrelated investment strategies and the Fund accordingly has a low correlation to market indices.

Differentiated strategy. The investment team utilise original research and unique data sources that are not generally available to traditional fund managers.

Absolute return focus. The Fund invests in a range of sub-strategies, sectors, markets and timeframes, providing the opportunity to generate positive returns in different market conditions.

Long track record. PanAgora’s research-based strategy has generated consistent returns since the strategy’s inception in 2010.

  • Performance History
    Fund performance for PanAgora Absolute Return Global Equities Fund

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    Investment Period to
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    Performance at September 2019
    1 MTH 1 YEAR 3 YEARS 5 YEARS Since Inception
    PanAgora Absolute Return Global Equities Fund and strategy (incl partial simulation) -0.96% -7.78% -5.85% -0.63% 4.89%
    RBA Cash Rate Target 0.08% 1.36% 1.45% 1.69% 2.52%
    Outperformance vs. RBA -1.04% -9.13% -7.30% -2.33% 2.37%
    PanAgora Absolute Return Global Equities Fund and strategy (incl partial simulation) -0.96% -7.78% -5.85% -0.63% 4.89%
    MSCI World Daily TR Net USD 2.13% 1.83% 10.21% 7.18% 10.25%
    Outperformance vs. MSCI -3.09% -9.61% -16.06% -7.82% -5.36%

    The Fund has no benchmark as it implements an absolute return strategy with an objective of generating positive absolute returns net of fees. The RBA Cash Rate Target is utilised as a hurdle to calculate performance fees.

    From December 2015, performance figures are those of the Fund's class A units (including reinvestment of distributions). Between September 2010 and November 2015 (shown in the green shaded area above), AUD performance has been simulated by Pengana from the actual USD Composite gross strategy returns (prior to April 2013 using the Monthly Liquidity Composite; from April 2013 onwards using the Daily Liquidity Composite) using 3 month rolling forwards to hedge movements in the AUD/USD spot rate. The effect of management fees of 1.52% p.a. and performance fees of 20.22% p.a. form part of this simulation. Performance fees include a hurdle rate (RBA Cash Rate converted to a daily rate). Fees are stated inclusive of GST net of ITCs. The Composite is comprised of all discretionary institutional accounts managed by PanAgora in this investment style. The creation date and inception date for the Monthly Liquidity Composite was September 1, 2010. The creation date and inception date for the Daily Liquidity Composite was April 1, 2013. PanAgora's composite performance is GIPS compliant. The USD gross track record data is historical. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The value of investments can go up and down. As with any investment there is a potential for profit as well as the possibility of loss.

  • Fund Facts
    Minimum investment:


    Recommended timeframe:

    Three to five years

    Inception date:

    9 December 2015



    Management fee (incl GST):

    1.52% pa of the Fund’s net asset value

    Performance fee:

    20.22% (including GST and ITCs) of any increase in the net asset value after deduction of management fees which is greater than the RBA Cash Rate target converted to a daily rate.

    Buy/sell spread:

    0.49% on both applications and redemptions

    Entry/ exit fees:


    Fund pricing:


    Distribution frequency:

    Twice yearly (June and December)

    Typical number of stocks:

    Greater than 500

    APIR code:


    Platform availability
    • Asgard
    • BT Panorama
    • BT Wrap
    • Hub24
    • Macquarie Wrap
    • Mason Stevens
    • Powerwrap
  • Unit Prices
    Unit Prices History Table
    Date Application Redemption Distributions
    09 Oct 2019 0.7722 0.7646 -
    08 Oct 2019 0.7699 0.7623 -
    04 Oct 2019 0.7703 0.7627 -
    03 Oct 2019 0.7722 0.7646 -
    02 Oct 2019 0.7729 0.7653 -
    01 Oct 2019 0.7764 0.7688 -
    30 Sep 2019 0.7757 0.7681 -
    27 Sep 2019 0.7742 0.7666 -
    26 Sep 2019 0.7775 0.7699 -
    25 Sep 2019 0.7754 0.7678 -
    24 Sep 2019 0.7742 0.7666 -
    23 Sep 2019 0.7738 0.7662 -
    20 Sep 2019 0.7740 0.7664 -
    19 Sep 2019 0.7724 0.7648 -

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    George Mussalli

    Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research, Equity

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    Richard Tan

    Director, Equity

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