11 October 2017

Pengana Adviser Symposium

Hear from our investment management teams on how they manage portfolios to address a range of client needs.


0.15 - Sustainable Impact Investing: George Latham, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, WHEB Asset Management

Investing in companies that have a positive sustainable impact. Sustainable investing does not have to mean compromising returns

27.29 - Australian Equities Income Fund: Mark Christensen, Portfolio Manager

Meeting the ageing populations’ demand for investments that provide income, delivered via a new fund managed by our proven and well-respected Australian Equities team

46:19 - Absolute Return Asia Pacific Fund: Antonio Meroni, Fund Manager

How we take advantage of market information to deliver returns that are market neutral and provide a great portfolio diversifier

103:18 - International Equities Managed Risk Fund: Steven Glass, Head of Research and Portfolio Manager

How you can access a portfolio of international equities with stable and free flowing cash flow, with the protection of a risk overlay