Pengana's sustainable policies

For investors seeking an investment that suits their ethical viewpoint as well as their financial needs, Pengana offers a broad range of solutions.

Ethical investing is going mainstream, with an increasing number of Australians seeking investment portfolios that balance environmental, social and governance factors with traditional business and financial metrics in order to meet their financial objectives.

At Pengana we offer a range of products that allow investors to align their portfolios with their principles without compromising their investment returns.

Our negatively screened Funds exclude companies that cause harm to people, animals or the environment from their investment universe. These include sectors such as weapons manufacturing, tobacco, gambling, uranium mining and fossil fuel exploration and production.

We also offer a Sustainable Impact Fund, managed by WHEB Asset Management out of the UK. WHEB are a highly experienced and respected sustainable investment manager, and this Fund only invests in companies that create a positive social or environmental impact or produce goods and services to address the challenges of sustainability.

Pengana is committed to best practice in ethical and sustainable impact investing. We are a member of the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA), a signatory to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), source ESG company research from a specialist provider, and undertake an annual audit by an independent research house focused on ESG analysis.

We are also committed to sound corporate governance, lodging proxy votes on behalf of investors and engaging with companies on issues such as board composition, remuneration, corporate accountability and shareholder rights.

WHEB, who manages the Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund is a certified B Corporation*, they are the recipients of numerous industry awards and they are actively involved in organisations at the leading edge of sustainable and responsible investment. 

*B Corporation certification is to business what  a fair trade certification is to coffee

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The Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund calculator measures:

  • The amount of renewable energy generated 
  • The amount of waste water treated
  • The amount of drinking water that's been provided
  • The amount of carbon emissions that have been avoided
  • The amount of waste material that's been recycled
  • The number of people benefiting from preventative care
  • The number of people receiving healthcare treatments
  • The number of waste materials that have been recycled



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