Australian Equities Fund


The Fund aims to protect and enhance investor wealth over a 5 year period in real Australian dollar terms. Its investment objective is to achieve over the medium to long term an investment return, including capital appreciation, dividends and interest, in excess of the risk free rate (i.e, the Reserve Bank of Australia's Cash Rate Target) plus a margin to compensate investors for the extra risk associated with Investing in Australian Equities (this is known as the "Australian equity risk premium"), with a volatility of return less than the Australian equity market.

Investment Philosophy

The Fund seeks to generate consistent superior investment returns using fundamental analysis to select and own securities with the following characteristics;

  • Good businesses with transparent and resilient business models
  • Competent management with a track record of integrity
  • A favourable relationship between the market price and the future cash flows of the business

Key Benefits of the Fund

  • Key focus on capital preservation and downside protection
  • Strong track record with low volatility
  • Complements existing equities holdings
  • Commonsense investment approach

Who the fund suits

  • Investors seeking a truly active investment approach
  • Investors looking for genuine diversification benefits to other equities holdings
  • Investors seeking absolute positive returns
  • Investors with an investment time horizon of at least 5 years

Fund Profile

Click here to view the Pengana Australian Equities Fund - Fund Profile